Structural passion

The meeting of architecture and engineering fascinates us, so we are dedicated to improving each project providing it with the best structural solution. Therefore we take part in all phases of the project, from its embryonic stage to its delivery, ensuring that the initial vision becomes a reality through a constant dialogue between the human and scientific dimension.​

Collaboration Spirit

BIS structures takes the greatest challenges and works to get the most innovative results. We work together with our clients to find the best solution for each project. We believe in our dynamic and flexible business model to maximize the synergies that enhance the individual and collective capabilities of our team.​

International vocation

Our international presence through partners who share our philosophy of work, allows us to develop all kinds of projects worldwide. Emblematic works on four continents, back the years of experience we have been working with architectural and engineering reference firms in the international scene.

Innovative attitude

BIS structures adapts its approach to the needs of each project adding value at every stage. Our inspiration comes from the creativity of each professional, the technological advances of the main industries and the research studies of the most prestigious universities. The combination of these elements set the engine for human and technological development with which we identify ourselves.​

Sharing knowledge

The continuous training in the office and our involvement in academia feed each other. That is to say, we learn though teaching and we teach as we learn. It is a cyclical process that joins both into a single project with a single goal: to influence in the personal and professional development for our team and for the professionals of the future.​

Quality 360º

 BIS structures adds value from the conception, focusing on delivering a service that is the result of a continuous research to improve our professional and business quality. we try to build a relationship of trust and mutual commitment with our clients to improve the work efficiency and grow together from project to project.

Latest news

We design and supervise the construction of highly technical structures in the building sector. We bring the structure to the project, always innovating, with our brand as an assurance of quality and in collaboration with the educational, research and industrial circles, to meet the real needs of our projects.​​

Selected Projects

Our team is highly specialized in the analysis and design of structures with an architectural background, according to the our academic system. This feature gives us high sensitivity and knowledge of the architectural structures and clearly differentiates us from other European and International engineering companies.

Our services

Diseño de estructuras

Structural design

BIS structures works with architects, promoters and construction companies to get the best technical solutions for projects of any nature, size and complexity.​Read more

Cálculo de estructuras

Structural Analysis

Understanding the difference between design and analysis is essential when it comes to understanding our philosophyand our commitment to the project: the volumetric…Read more

Dirección de obra

Site supervision

BIS structures understands that our services end when the structure is completed in accordance with the project, and respects our standards of design and execution…Read more

Servicios Complementarios

Special services

In addition to offering engineering consultancy services, BIS structures provides several complementary services(…)to ensure the structure’s behaviour…Read more



Structural refurbishment is a specialization within structural consultancy that requires extensive knowledge and experience to meet very specific requirements.Read more


BIM – Building Information Modeling

BIM is a methodology of representation of physical and functional characteristics of a building using coordinated, consistent and computable information about a building project.​Read more

With over 25 years of experience in the Spanish market and buildings in Europe, Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East, BIS is the ideal match for any architectural project thanks to its commitment to excellence, high involvement and client care relationship.

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