After 10 intense months of work, the structure of the offices of the new Administrative District of the Generalitat in the Zona Franca in Barcelona, a 60,000 m2 building that will manage about 3,000 workers, has been finished. The project, promoted by AXA, designed by Batlle i Roig, and managed by Hines, has been developed with BIM methodology, both in the executive phase and in the construction phase.
The concrete structure is based on sandwich slabs supported by a very regular grid of concrete pillars of which 2/3 parts are supported on an existing foundation slab from a previous project. On the other hand, the project has some unique metallic elements of great architectural quality, such as the helicoidal stairs of the lobbies.

Congratulations to everyone in the team!

We want to share with you a timelapse video of how the works went on june:





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