On December 1, the members of the different work teams in BIS gave us an explanation of the projects they are currently working on. It was a very interesting talk at the technical level. Two projects stood out: on one hand, a 250 meters high tower, and on the other hand, the rehabilitation project of a Hotel in Toledo. As for the tower, they told us about its behavior   against horizontal actions, since they are the ones that determine the structure, the difficulties of the site due to proximity to a river and the technical solutions they had found for a very complex foundation. Regarding the rehabilitation of a hotel in Toledo, they emphasized the importance of a previous diagnosis and an extensive structural fabric survey to minimize costs in future phases of the project, and the need to make a study of the area to be able to propose constructive solutions accordingly to the construction site. In this case, it is a very complex work due to the convergence of different architectural periods and the archaeological impediments that are found.


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Congratulations team!



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