The new Bluespace storage building in Sant Adrià del Besòs is now a reality! A year after BIS Structures began the structural analysis of the existing building, Sant Adrià del Besòs already has a Bluespace building.

The building, built in 1989 and unused, is a former dealer and car workshop located on a very long L-shaped plot arranged so that it has a facade to 3 streets. The dimensions are about 75m length by 23m wide. It consists of a basement, a ground floor, three type plants and a fourth floor. The basement and the ground floor take up the entire lot space, the three type floors are U-shaped so that they generate an interior patio, and the fourth floor occupies two areas of the lower floor layout.

The main structural actions that involve the refurbishment of the building are the transformation of the central area and the floor screed of the ground floor. This implies the demolition of the vertical core, formerly formed by two ramps and a staircase, to build a new one with a staircase and elevators.

We would like to thank Indissoluble and Bluespace for having entrusted us to carry out this refurbishment project. Soon the works of another Bluespace warehouse located in Barcelona, in which we have also participated, will be finalized!

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