Today, August 8th, we want to share with you the reasons of our commitment. 

Society continues to treat women unequally. This data seems descriptive to us: Spanish women declared in 2017 an average income 25.3% lower than men, according to what the Tax Agency published in July. This is a consequence of the pressure that society exerts on women and visualizes the difficulties that the female collective has to develop its vital project.

The causes of this wage gap focus mainly on socio-cultural aspects and gender roles:

– Women have a higher level of education, but tend to work in lower-paid sectors with more precarious contracts.

– 1/3 women, compared to 1/10 men, reduce their working hours, assuming family responsibilities and other unpaid work.

– The biggest gap is in the salary complements, higher in jobs with a high male presence since their abilities are better considered.

– Less than 25% of female CEOs in the Ibex 35.

– The higher the salary, the greater the gap in equivalent positions.

At BIS structuress we believe in equal opportunities and we encourage the presence of female talent in a masculinized sector such as this.

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