Raise your hand if you would like to live in front of the sea! 🌊 We invite you to dream about it by taking a look at this project that we carried out with NOMO studio: the “Bridge House” single-family home in Es Mercadal, Menorca, equally innovative and beautiful.

The building has a very irregular geometry both in plan and elevation. It shares an irregular platform on the roof of the ground floor and, from there, above and below, a combination of squares and pentagons appear tangent to each other, with different heights and orientations. The roofs of each of these volumes have different inclinations.

The structure is mostly based in concrete elements, but there are steel beams and columns in singular points. All the foundations are performed in the same level to avoid differential settlements.

At BIS structures we design and calculate all kind of projects, always adapting to the architectural design. We are fascinated by the meeting point between architecture and engineering and we are committed to improving each project by providing it with the best structure, as demonstrated by projects such as this one.

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