Architect PMMT
Builder VOPI 4
Cost 6.863.815,27 €
Area 5.470 m²
Design 2017
construction 2019-2020


The enlargement of the current Creu Blanca Clinic is a new building that has an “L” shape and is composed of three underground plants in regard to Av. Reina Elisenda.

A rocky substrate of difficult perforation is foreseen throughout the plot, so the containment systems must allow to cross it. Thus, in the whole front facing Avda. Reina Elisenda, there are proposed 63 cm thick retaining walls, executed by powerful diaphragm wall rigs machine. On the other hand, in the whole front facing the Clinic building and Av. Foix, the containment will be solved with micropiles retaining walls with a projected concrete reinforcing layer. This way, the shoring systems and predicted anchorages to guarantee the stability of the excavation can be placed. The foundation will be formed by footings.

The new structure is proposed with columns and solid reinforced concrete slabs. Previously, three unique actions will have to be carried out in order to maintain the heritage value of the complex: the temporary shoring of existing perimeter balconies, the restitution of the aedicula following the current features and stabilization and consolidation of the wall in Av. Foix, which gives access to the Clinic.

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