Developer ONCF
Builder TGCC
Cost 70.000.000 €
Area 17.071 m2
Design 2015 – 2017
Construction 2016 – 2018


Modernization and expansion project of the existing train station at Agdal neighbourhood in Rabat, Morocco. The station will serve to unify two districts currently separated by the train tracks using the building as a bridge. The building is accessed by two adjacent buildings north and south respectively.

The North and South bodies consist of 2 basement floors and 5 storeys. The bridge building has the train platforms to access the 10 tracks plus two upper floors. The three buildings, separated by expansion joints due to their size, are under a single cover with 90m x 200m.

The structure is mainly built with reinforced concrete except some prestressed beams with 16m spans in which the beam height had to be limited.

The cover, designed along with Ramon Sastre, is a spatial grid of rectangular base with three large central openings where the three dimensional structure converges into a two dimensional structure. A complex geometry solved with a light steel structure optimizing the structural behaviour against the seismic actions.

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