Architect BCA
Builder OHL
Cost 16.000.000 €
Area 22.300 m2
Design 2016
Construction 2016 – 2020


The new hotel and offices object of this project are located in the sector 22@ of Barcelona. It has a L-shaped plot occupying the whole lot with a basement area of approximately 2900m2. It consists of 3 blocks separated by expansion joints: the offices block with 4 floors above ground and 3 basement floors, the hotel block that has 2 underground floors and 14 upper floors, and the third block that serves for the common uses of the hotel that are placed on 2 basement floors and a public space on top. The regularity in plan allows a very organized vertical structure of reinforced concrete columns and walls. The horizontal structure is provided with flat slabs, except for the hotel that has bidirectional ribbed slabs above ground, in order to reduce the columns load. Due to the soils characteristics and the excavation below the water table, a raft slab foundation was designed to resist the water load. This slab is supported by steel pipe self-drilling micropiles. To ensure the waterproof tightness of the whole basement, it is necessary to make a diaphragm wall on the perimeter with 45cm thickness temporarily anchored to the ground.

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