Architect AVA STUDIO
Developer HOTUSA, S.A.
Builder SORIGUÉ, S.A.U.
Location TOLEDO
Area 5.455 m²
Design 2015 – 2017
Construction 2017 – 2020


Group of abandoned residential buildings of ground floor and two plant floors located in the historical center of Toledo, very close to the cathedral. Some buildings have already been demolished, while the remaining ones have an advanced degree of degradation. They are part of the monumental sector “E3” and are classified as patrimonial value buildings.

The structure of the buildings consist in load-bearing walls made of different materials (wood framework, masonry, mudbrick, ceramic,…), where the wood slabs and sloping roofs rest. Each of the buildings is organized around a central courtyard, where the façades are composed of wood framework elements.

The refurbishment and rehabilitation is about the transformation of the buildings to a hotel use. The project foresees that the still standing buildings Will accommodate the rooms, keeping the current structural features while the area where there is currently the plot will become the common hotel areas, changing completely it structural features to pillars and metallic trusses due to the different needs they present.

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