Architect PMMT
Developer NICTALIA, S.L.
Cost 2.413.950 €
Area 3.250 m2
Design 2009
Construction 2014 – 2015


The building consists of two parts, a ground floor area and a ground and upper floor area. These are confronted and separated by an access walkway. There are also underground parking units. Above ground the building was adapted to the site but is separated 5 meters from its edge. However the basement floor occupies the whole surface.

The main feature of this building is the walkway created between the two parts of the market. This street is open to the exterior and partially covered, with the possibility of being able to close at night.

It has been designed as a container of activities for people. The outer enclosure image has been enhanced, with some clear access points to a much more pleasant and open area, with natural light and vegetation.

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