Developer BIMSA
Builder VORACYS, S.L.
Area 2.200 m²
Design 2018
Construction 2019


The project is about three pergolas which are part of the urbanization plan of the covering of the segment of the Ronda de Dalt between Avinguda del Jordà and Avinguda Vallcarca, in the Horta-Guirnardó district of Barcelona.

There are two small pergolas and a large one. The structure is formed by porticoes with large edge beams made of laminated wood supported by two steel columns. The porticoes support V shaped joists made also of laminated wood and with an inter-axis of 50cm.

The large pergola consists of 10 porticoes separated 9m from each other and with variable dimensions: the distance between columns is from 7-18m and the high from 5,3 to 7,7m. All the porticoes have 3,5-4m cantilevers at both sides.

Regarding the small pergolas, they consist of 2 porticoes separated 9m from each other. The joists have the same edge than in the large pergolas and the 40cm thick beams have variable edge from 1m in the center to 0’5m in the cantilevers. The span between columns is 6,40m and the cantilevers are from 0,85m to 2,60m.

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