Architect BCA
Builder VOPI 4
Cost 1.561.090 €
Area 1.381 m2
Design 2015
Construction 2016


The building is located in Anglí street nº48, in Barcelona’s city center. The new building is built on top of 4 basements that were constructed but never finished. Thus, the structure corresponding to the foundation, containment and 4 floors were already built at the time of design of the new structure.

The building has a rectangular floor with approximate dimensions of 27.9×15.1m. The columns distribution in plan follows a regular mesh, maintaining the existing distribution with maximum span length of 6.45m.

The structure has solid reinforced concrete slabs supported on HEB-type rolled steel columns.

On the top floor is the GOSHINTAI room. The floor cover structure has 4 wooden arches supported on the steel columns.

Design made with BIM methodology.

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