Architect GCT
Developer ES VERN
Builder CALAF
Cost 16.500.000 €
Area 18.907 m²
Design 2016
Construction 2017 – 2018


The project consists of a new set of three multi-family dwellings with car park and storeroom basements, the construction of a pool and the urbanization of the interior green areas. It is located in the municipality of Sant Just Desvern in Barcelona. The plot has a rectangular shape of approximate dimensions 43x67m and the three buildings (D, E and T) that form the set are distributed regularly being parallel to the streets in its main direction.

Building D, due to its size, is divided by an expansion joint into two block with 3 and 2 basement floors respectively and 6 floors above ground level each one. Building E has 2 underground floors and 5 storeys above ground and building T has 2 basement floors and 6 floors above ground level . The horizontal structure is solved with reinforced concrete slab ceilings for basements and forged reticular slabs for the above ground level floors. The vertical structure consists in reinforced concrete pillars. The foundation is solved with insulated footings and the containment with retaining walls for street alignments and with basement walls executed on two sides for plot interior alignments.

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