The countdown is on for the opening of Natura Bissé’s new Headquarters!
The logistics-corporate building, designed by  TDB ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA, has an assorted and complex structural typology due to the different planned uses: logistics, production, laboratory and offices.

The structure, which will end this month, has been resolved with long-span post-tensioned concrete slabs to ensure the flexibility and versatility of the building’s spaces. The slabs are supported with concrete pillars inside the construction and an outer peristyle of steel pillars on each floor.

The project has many large overhangs, shoring pillars, and double and triple heights that are resolved by mixed steel-concrete structures and post-stressed concrete.

We would like to thank TDB ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA for being part of the team of this magnificent project, and to COMSA and MARTÍ AVILÉS for their dedication and execution.


IMG_20180308_120908 IMG_20180308_121443 IMG_20180308_121605 IMG_20180308_121729

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