We have a plan for you: « Import WB_Export BCN. Re-activate the city » exhibition, held in the Arts Santa Mònica cultural centre in Barcelona until April 23rd. It is about different projects which, even miles of kilometres away, they have something in common: they are public facilities designed to re-activate the city in which they are located, acting as social elements of cohesion.

Encants School, a project designed by Roger Méndez, architect of the Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, and in which BIS structures and, in particular Marina Vila Pau and her team, colaborated as structural consultants is one of the projects selected for the exhibition.

This project is only one of the 40 included in the exhibition so completely forbidden to miss it! Here you have a link with the complete explanation and a piece of Expansión journal talking about the exhibition: https://lnkd.in/gE_SZfi

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