The Manta Hospital in Ecuador was awarded a special citation in the Infrastructure category of the Barcelona Building Construmat awards. It is a Hospital designed to be tendered by the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security and evaluated and adapted for the construction works by PMMT Architecture within the framework of the Parametric Hospitals patent that they have promoted together with Makiber.

BIS Structures, and in particular the team led by Marina Vila Pau, collaborated with PMMT Team Manager Alex Herráez Roig in the evaluation and adaptation of the structures project, making possible its rapid construction taking into account the high complexity of the project since it is in an area of high seismic risk. In projects like this, the importance of good structural design is shown, with which we are totally committed.

Together, we keep betting on innovation. Congratulations to everyone!

Structure picture ceded by Makiber.

Final building picture ceded by PMMT.

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