« Architecture is the most beautiful creative work in the world. » We loved this sentence by Alberto Campo Baeza from « The Night of Spanish Architecture », the award ceremony of the Superior Council of the Architects’ Associations of Spain. Invited by its president Lluis Comerón Graupera, our delegate in Madrid, Jose Sevillano Lopez, and David Garcia Carrera attended the gala held in a masterpiece of modern architecture and a structurally exquisite space, the Zarzuela racecourse.

The night went on and we let ourselves be carried away by the magic of projects such as the Climate Museum by Toni Gironès, the Life Reusing Posidonia project by Carles Oliver, the plan for the use of the central district of Ciutat Vella, signed by 300.000Km/s, and the General Archive of Oaxaca, by ignacio mendaro corsini. At the end of the event, under the light of the stars, we leveraged to make an analysis of the structure of the building which ended up becoming an unplanned structural lesson! Eduardo Torroja designed each module as a V-section supported by a single central column, a 13m arm flying over the grandstand and another shorter rear arm, which balances the first one thanks to a cable-stayed system. A masterpiece!

Thanks to all those who attended our explanation and congratulations to the winners!

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