⚠️Do you like challenges? Going out of your comfort zone, the adrenaline and the pride of when they are well performed…

We love them. Today we would like to show you one of our current challenges: the project of the new Grup Clinica Girona. You may wonder: what is especial about it❓

The building is located in a zone of influence of vibrations due to the proximity of the train tracks. According to the study carried out by AV Enginyers, the vibration levels exceeded the comfort standards for a hospital use. It was therefore necessary to isolate the structure from the ground by making a complete cut at the level of the roof of basement 1. Anti-vibration springs were designed and placed on the supports, and on top of them, there is a 60 cm edge slab to provide rigidity to the structure. Likewise, it was necessary to design spaces in the underground level, by means of the system box in box, to isolate the areas where the equipment was more sensitive.

What a great team! Thanks to the architects PMMT Forward Thinking Healthcare Architecture and CDM – Making your world a quieter place for providing the pre-compressed shock absorbers that will minimize the perception of vibrations.

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