This week we want to show you another project that has been challenging for us.

It is the refurbishment of a group of properties in disuse, which will be a new hotel designed by Ava estudio and promoted by Hotusa. These are 5 buildings located in the historic center of Toledo, within the UNESCO world heritage list, and included in a regime that guarantees their full protection or the maintenance of their basic characteristics. The buildings were subjected to archaeological works, which final report determined the areas to be conserved or refurbished due to their historical value.

Due to the poor condition of the buildings, there will be restitution or reinforcement of the slabs. The new horizontal structure of the common area is planned using steel beams.

As for the vertical structure of the load-bearing walls, a consolidation action will be carried out, respecting their configuration and characteristics. The new vertical structure of the common area will be based on steel columns. To achieve the required diaphaneity in the common areas, different steell trusses will be arranged to minimize the number of columns to the foundation.

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