After the general academic standstill, the classes of the master’s degree « STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING IN ARCHITECTURE », of the UPC School (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), were resumed yesterday, specifically with the subject of « REHABILITATION AND STRUCTURE REINFORCEMENT » coordinated by Jordi Payola. Obviously, the course is done online.

It was Carles Padrós Sallés turn to play the guinea pig and, after some initial mishap, the 4 hours of class were done. The lesson was about refurbishment and reinforcement of walls and columns. In the end, even though the class was in streaming, Carles lost his voice!

We quote his words after the class: « After finding a quiet corner at home for a while, it was a bit strange to talk alone from home, but in the end some students also participated and at least it was not so lonely. We’ll be learning for future sessions, since there are a few left before we get back to normal!

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