The Ramar school in Sabadell, has a square shape, 4 floors above ground and 1 below ground.

The intervention of BIS structures is about the creation of a new L-shaped building, contiguous to the existing one, with 4 floors above ground level at the front, and 2 floors below ground level for classrooms. At the back of the plot there is a single double-height underground space where the gym is located, an accessible terrace at ground floor level and a 2-level underground area for classrooms.

The structural typology of the complex is based on solid slabs supported by reinforced concrete columns. Punctually, some columns are made with HEB steel profiles.

As you can see in the photo, this system will have a central foundation based on isolated reinforced concrete footings, or combined in some cases, under the reinforced concrete columns. For the retaining system, a 45 cm diameter pile wall is proposed.

Let’s continue, team!  Francesc BonsfillsDarqSeinco Valles.

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