BIS structures was founded in 1990 by David Garcia and Gemma Masip. It was born with the purpose to serve the agents related to real estate and the project, offering a global service in the structural design in an increasingly specialized and high quality demanding sector.​

Currently, we are the first company in structural consultancy in terms of number of engineers in Catalonia and we can allocate the necessary resources in a single project if the delivery times requires us to do so.​

We have over 3000 completed projects, located around the world. This has allowed us to work with a huge variety of structural systems for multiple types of architectural uses. Consequently BIS structures has a great capacity to develop projects adapted to the needs and different building techniques in each country.​


The organisational structure of BIS is the result of continuous development and constant response to the technological and business challenges we face.​..

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We recognize and value the human dimension in all relationships, professional and personal. The relational harmony is based on …

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We love the meeting place for architectural and engineering committed to improving each project giving it the best structure…

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