Our main competitive advantage in terms of quality is the willingness to always exceed the expectations of our clients. Each new project is a challenge to improve our service and gain our clients loyalty.​
We have standardized internal processes for monitoring all phases of the project, in order to improve the productivity, the quality and the efficiency of the service we provide. All information related to the project such as plans, reports, details and specifications, is constantly updated accordingly to the current design standards.​
At BIS we have a young and dynamic team that transversally ensures that the knowledge gained with each new project is shared throughout the teams. We keep all our employees active and involved. Transversal work also has the objective to homogenize the processes of project development, and the criteria used for the design and calculation.​
The Quality Management System allows us to give voice to every team member in the improvement of technical and business processes. We commit to implementing the raised improvement proposals hence enriching any work.​

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