The serious crisis that affected the construction sector in Spain, between 2008 and 2014, increased the strategic activity of our company and, with it, its internationalization process.

Our long experience in singular and highly complex projects for different structural systems, with an extensive network of contacts and different business channels, allows us to extend our business abroad to develop synergies and create opportunities for collaboration.​

Since then we join our efforts, resources and referrals with local teams, providing technical service of engineering in francophone markets, currently consolidated, and other international markets.

On the other hand we insist on combining skills to participate in international competitions for major projects and thus enhance our presence in target markets.​

Our business development department has an International Area, which defines strategies and manages the international expansion of BIS structures, with the vision and goal of becoming one of the most prestigious companies in the structural consultancy sector internationally.​

Knowledge strengthened through shared experiences with professionals from 4 continents.​

International Projects



Head of Business Development