Architect PMMT
Location GIRONA
Cost 8.963.761 €
Area 7.428 m²
Design 2018-2019
Construction 2021

Descripction The Extension of the main building of Dr. Trueta Hospital has a new volume containing a new surgery area, the daytime Oncology Hospital of the Catalan Oncological Institute and a reserve Area. It has a rectangular plan with approximate dimensions of 48x25m. The building consists in 3 floors above ground and it is located upon the current building of the COI but without being supported by it. The structure is based in steel porticoes where just the columns placed at the end reach the ground so the floors are suspended by steel braces from the large upper trusses. The project includes interventions in the current Hospital such as a new corridor in the main façade, the extension of the second floors and a new pedestrian Access. The foundation is made by deep micropiles due to the pre-existing buildings and the fact that the foundations have to be executed in areas with difficult Access and reduced dimensions.

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