Developer PRIVATE
Builder TEYCO
Cost 2.918.659 €
Area 2.764 m2
Design 2013
Construction 2013 – 2014


To this building, built in 1889 and initially designed by modernist architect Antoni Gaudi, is added a new five floors structure situated above an open and half buried sport field connected to the structure already present. ​
This new building, earmarked to the augmentation of the number of classrooms, will have floor dimensions of 20x20m, its structure will be metallic, in order to support the 5 portal frames without encroach upon the multisport ground, and the top slabs will be made of wood and steel sill plates respecting a D-dalle system.​

This work also includes the structural calculation of the reinforcement of the roofing and the pillars of the multisport building situated inside the scholar building. This latter, that has floor dimensions of 19×30.6m, is supported by portal frames and beams with not enough carrying capacities. To solve this problem, steel plates will be placed at the traction areas.​

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