As a company specialized in structural design engineering, we offer a complete service to ensure the best solution for any type of building, both in new build and refurbishment.​

We get involved from the conceptual stage to the construction of the structure, providing efficient and innovative solutions in order to minimize costs and construction time. We develop the structural design to its highest degree of efficiency, stability and elegance, in coordination with the architect’s vision and the needs of the client.​

Our high level of involvement in the development of our work is reflected in the quality of the service we provide and the relationship we build with our clients. We opt for an open and transparent communication which is a reflection of our determination to make every project a great project.

Our services

Diseño de estructuras

Structural design

BIS structures works with architects, promoters and construction companies to get the best technical solutions for projects of any nature, size and complexity.​Read more


Structural analysis

Understanding the difference between design and analysis is essential when it comes to understanding our philosophy and our commitment to the project: the volumetric Read more

Dirección de obra

Site supervision

BIS structures understands that our services end when the structure is completed in accordance with the project, and respects our standards of design and execution…Read more

Servicios Complementarios

Special services

In addition to offering engineering consultancy services, BIS structures provides several complementary services:(…)to ensure the structure’s behaviour subject…Read more



Structural refurbishment is a specialization within structural consultancy that requires extensive knowledge and experience to meet very specific requirements… Read more


BIM – Building Information Modeling

BIM is a methodology of representation of physical and functional characteristics of a building using coordinated, consistent and computable information…Read more