Structural refurbishment is a specialization within structural consultancy that requires extensive knowledge and experience to meet very specific requirements. Consequently we’ve always had a team dedicated exclusively to refurbishment projects.​

Our services cover reports and expert opinions, for which the sharp eye is essential for early detection of structural problems; diagnosis and projects for which we must ensure not only the stability and strength of the buildings but also their durability; site supervision for which all the previously gathered information is essential to make the most appropriate decisions for the building being refurbished. ​

We usually see the project to completion as we believe that the presence of the structural engineer – project drafter is necessary during all stages. This eases the progress of the site work given that the engineer has a holistic vision of the project and is better able to resolve unexpected issues and changes that arise during construction.

Only a deep knowledge of construction techniques allows an efficient intervention in an existing structure.

Projects related to Refurbishment



Team Leader – Head of Production Area

REHAB – Torre Bellesguard

Flying over Torre Bellesguard Gaudí

Master degree in Structural Refurbishment​

“Interview to David and Fructuoso Mañá about the Master Degree of Structural Refurbishment”​