Special services

In addition to offering engineering consultancy services, BIS structures provides several complementary services:​

FIRE: advise in Advanced Fire Engineering (AFE) to ensure the structure’s behaviour subject to a fire beyond the basic compliance with the current regulations.​
SEISMIC DESIGN: when the structures is subject to seismic loadings, thanks to our experience of working in countries with high seismic risk, we bring our technical and design standards knowledge to ensure that the structure’s design allows enough damping and dissipation of the seismic energy, to guarantee the safety of the building.​
GEOTECHNICS: We are specialists in the behaviour of the soil in complex cases and its impact in buildings.
ADVANCED MATERIALS: our wide insight into the most innovative fields allows us to work with the most advanced materials such as high-performance concrete, high strength and ductility steel, timber and multilayer composites, carbon and glass fibers, aluminium and structural glass.
FLUID DYNAMICS: applying CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) methodologies we modell complex wind-structure interactions.​
SGT: our technology management service which has been developed over the years allows us to develop and manage on behalf of our clients the work of major international specialists in matters like Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic Boundary Layer, Geotechnics of Large Volumes, generating form (FORM FINDING) in light membrane structures and cables.